There are many stressors that contribute to the abuse/maltreatment of children and we want to make sure that we are doing our very best to assist families in any and every way possible. That is why we have come up with our new program - Project AYUDA™. We believe that when basic needs are met, families at risk are able to produce a positive contribution in the community where they live and work.


Keeping your child safe is as easy as saying your ABC’s. 

Our "Think Before You Trust"™ Campaign was developed to help prevent the abuse and/or neglect of children by educating parents about the importance of choosing a partner carefully.

Our goal is to:

• Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect
• Bring awareness to this issue
• Provide parents with the information to make good choices for child/children and themselves
• Provide local resource information

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Preventing child abuse and educating the public about the prevalence and consequences of this epidemic is part of who we are. That’s why we’ve put together these resources for parents and caregivers: to give you the tools you need to keep your children safe.

"Circle of Hope" is an online Peer led support group for adult survivors of child abuse and for survivors of domestic violence (non-offending adults may also participate).

The group provides a welcoming and safe place for adult survivors to receive support from each other through open and honest sharing about their own life experiences.

Our goal is to empower the adult survivor by providing peer group support, create safe spaces for healing, help reduce isolation, rebuild trust, and gain emotional support. This is not a replacement for professional therapy, but rather a "safe space" for adult survivors on their healing journeys.

• You are important and so are your stories.
• Joining a peer support group can help you to feel better in any number of ways, such as:
• Knowing that others are going through something similar
• Learning tips on how to handle day-to-day challenges
• Meeting new friends or connecting to others who understand you
• Learning how to talk about things that bother you or how to ask for help
• Learning to trust other people
• Hearing about helpful new perspectives from other

Peer support groups can be an important part of dealing with the abuse you endured, but they are not a substitute for professional therapeutic treatment of trauma and mental illnesses. It is recommended you follow the advice of a mental health professional while attending our peer support group as we are a group made up of survivors and not a mental health facility.

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P​roject AYUDA is family support program that will offer assistance to support the material needs of at-risk families. This is accomplished via our network of supporters who are willing to work together and fill the needs of those families. Often times there are certain criteria that families must meet before qualifying for assistance through other community agencies, which, for one reason or another, they are unable to meet - leaving them without help. This is where Project AYUDA comes in and turns to the community itself to fulfill the families' immediate needs (i.e., gently used clothing/shoes/coats, baby food/formula, baby toiletries including diapers, etc.) until such time as they the are able to locate other resources.

The need is great my friends. We receive weekly emails/calls from concerned relatives, friends, or families in need seeking assistance. Every little bit helps.

If you see a post on our Facebook page requesting sponsors and you feel you are able to meet a need for a family, simply reply with what you can help with and we will coordinate the rest.

Community support is vital for at risk families. Let’s all do our part to help local families in crisis by donating essentials to meet their most basic needs.


The Parent Connection Resource Guide is a comprehensive directory of programs that help El Paso parents find parenting classes, parent support groups, playgroups, other parenting programs and community resources for their families to help them improve their parenting skills.

If your agency has programs that you would like included, or if you would like to learn more, please contact Project C.H.A.N.C.E. at 915.691.0392 or send an email to:



​A Parent Education Resource Guide for Families in El Paso, TX