We have some events planned throughout the month to raise awareness about our effort to end child abuse.

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Throughout the month of April, PROJECT c.h.a.n.c.e. joins chld advocacy organizations and supporters in el paso to bring attention to the prevalence of child abuse, as well as means of intervention and prevention.

Past studies have shown a lack of awareness of the issue of child abuse in the el paso community, with many believing it to not be an issue in our community, but rather something that happens elsewhere. As new stories and cases continue to appear at an alarming rate, it’s obvious that it does happen here — in our community — and we need to do something about it.

We have compiled an activity calendar that outlines ways that parents can participate during April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Discover ways to plan and engage with your family and other families through events related to the protective factors into Child Abuse Prevention Month activities.