​​• New members can only attend for the first time when the Facilitator is

• They must attend an orientation meeting first
• They must complete intake paperwork and return before attending the

   first meeting. Call or text (915) 691-0392 for more information. You can

   also email us at endchildabuse2day@yahoo.com. 
• They must 18 years of age or older
• They must NOT have ever sexually offended against a child (as an


The Purpose of the Orientation Meeting

• Helps new members feel very connected before they attend their

   first meeting

• Increases the likelihood of them returning or coming to the first


​• Helps them anticipate the process once they attend their first meeting, 

   which makes them feel safe.

• Helps ensure that new members do not show up to their first meeting

   when the Facilitator is not there. 

• Helps ensure that all necessary documentation (Liability Waiver and

   Intake Form) is completed and reviewed prior to the new member's

   attendance at a meeting.

• Helps Facilitator know that the new members is in fact ready for


​Orientation Meeting Logistics

• Can be in person or by phone
• The Facilitator explains the purpose of the meeting
• The Facilitator shares his/her story
• The new member shares his/her story
• The Facilitator describes existing connections they see with other group

• The Facilitator describes how the meeting is managed
• The Facilitator answers any questions the new member may have
• The Facilitator raises any concerns they have about fit for the group –

   rarely happens but sometimes

Our goal is to make new members feel comfortable with the content of the support group and feel safe in sharing details about their abuse.

Support Group Prerequisites